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Nike & Undercover Presents Gyakusou Running

Nike and Jun Takahashi release their first active performance collection

In October 2010, Nike and Jun Takahashi, founder and head designer of Japan’s coveted clothing label Undercover, will release the first Nike x Undercover Gyakusou performance running collection. The design partnership will fuse cutting edge Nike running innovations and design with the functionality of Takahashi’s Undercover.

Takahashi began running two years ago  “I run 12 or 13km every other day. It's kind of like meditation to me - but with adrenaline. It's part of my life. I have to run.” Gyakusou takes its name from a group of Tokyo-based runners who passionately run in their city. The name Gyakusou comes from ‘gyaku’ meaning wrong way or reverse and ‘sou’ meaning ‘run or running’. It draws upon a shared obsession for design innovation and improving the performance of the athlete.

“Style and functionality is very important and when I started running, I looked very closely at the color and styling of products as well as their performance attributes and functionality. We both wanted to create an authentic performance running collection from the point-of-view of the actual runner.” A technical approach is sustained throughout, ensuring Takahashi’s run remains a mobile personal space where he can concentrate, unwind and continually achieve.

For the inaugural Fall/Holiday 10 collection, Nike and Takahashi also focused on colors. As an alternative to neons and brights, the result sees subtle colors that Takahashi describes “reflect a harmony with nature” fused with reflective safety details and a recurring red trim inspired by the artery vein.

The collection will be available October 2010 at selected retailers globally.

Text by Lucy Bridger