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Thom Browne Menswear S/S11

A fake press conference for returning astronauts set the backdrop for a show that's out of this world...

Thom Browne currently has a thing for pushing the catwalk concept to its limits. In Milan, for his Moncler Gamme Bleu show, he put all models on bikes and made them race around a velodrome. So how to beat that with his own line in Paris? Well, the answer was obvious for the New Yorker. Rent out the Communist Party HQ and stage a fake press conference for returning astronauts and throw a fashion show at the same time. Naturellement!

As the first amazement had settled among the press and buyers, AKA delegates at the conference, the real show began. ‘Astronauts’ in space overalls and helmets strode in, and once they had removed their helmets we saw golden sunglasses and lipstick. They then entered the next-door room, where they removed the suits, and all of a sudden it was the Thom Browne we know and love: cropped suit jackets, with ties or bow ties, and shorts. This was an S/S collection after all.

Standard Browne brogues ruled and grey was the common denominator. But red and blue also featured heavily. This event was after all a joint French and American venture, as the constant presence of flags reminded us of. Fish, for some reason, were embroidered on a few jackets, while others came in silver sequins. For the more modest Thom Browne fan there was a subtle grey and yellow version. The only question left is how Browne will beat this next season?