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Wooyoungmi Menswear S/S11

Greys and khaki dominated the 'geek chic' looks

Focusing on coats and suit jackets, Wooyoungmi created a hybrid between the two, sometimes even involving a shirt in the equation. Blurring the lines between individual garments, the Korean duo managed to craft their own unique look for the next summer season. Either three quarter length or sleeveless, the coats also alternated the inclusion of collars. Platform shoes gave the models height. Not that they needed help, but it added to the notion of a uniformed aesthetic vision.

The colour palette was centred on grey, khaki, beige and a delicious greyish blue. Hand-held briefcases and odd glasses were there to supposedly give the looks an intellectual injection, but what impressed the most was the successful fusion of coats, jackets and shirts. Woonderful.

Dazed Digital: There was a clear focus on a fusion of outerwear, right?
Wooyoungmi: We wanted to portray a summer look for guys that don’t always have to be casual. Men can also keep the elegance. The key item, even in summertime, should be a coat or a jacket.

DD: What fabrics did you use?
Wooyoungmi: We used linen and cotton for a summer breeze. We didn’t want a coat OR jacket feeling to it, there was no definite line between them. A short coat is like a jacket and vice versa.

DD: Favourite item in the collection?
Wooyoungmi: The layering of coats and jackets, that’s my favourite pieces!