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2nd hand clothes

Designer Fernanda Pereira talks about 2ND Things, her fashion line in collaboration with AC musician Noah Lennox, AKA Panda Bear

Born from the fruitfully creative union between Animal Collective's Noah Lennox -  AKA Panda Bear - and his Portuguese partner, fashion designer Fernanda Pereira, 2ND Things creates super limited edition unisex sweats, t-shirts and tops from their Lisbon home-cum-workshop. Beginning in 2007, the brand ethos of creating only 50 items per collection twinned with their ever rising respective cache has meant each piece becoming all too wearable collectors items once they hit the shelves. As they’ve only recently released their Spring Summer 2010 collection exclusively through Newburgh Street’s boutique du jour Beyond The Valley, we thought we’d catch up with Fernanda to talk about keeping it low key and colourful.

Dazed Digital: How's it going?
Fernanda Pereira: It’s going pretty good. Busy times for sure but its been that way for a while now.

DD: What have you been busy with of late?
Fernanda Pereira: Both of us have been working like crazy. Noah is working on his solo stuff and I'm working on SS10 and AW10\11. Besides that there's always errands and other normal life stuff to deal with.

DD: When did the label start?
Fernanda Pereira: The label started back in 2007. We had always talked about doing something together since we met in 2004 and made four pieces together but we just kept them for ourselves. Noah and I create collections whenever we can, or if we come up with a good idea.

DD: What was the inspiration behind 2ND Things?
Fernanda Pereira: It was really all about us trying to do something together and incorporate the recycling of fabrics and/or recycling of ideas into the process.

DD: Does music inform your collections in any way?
Fernanda Pereira: Not so much really. We’re both down with music, but neither of play jams when were making the things or anything like that.

DD: Are you still only making limited runs of the collection?
Fernanda Pereira: Yes, that was part of the idea from the beginning. It keeps it special if it’s just small runs. Keeping the Things small also forces us to always move on to the next thing.