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Photography by Judith Elias-Johnson

Isabel Marant AW Womenswear A/W10

Late 50s-60s streetstyle trends influenced Marant's collection.

Isabel Marant has a good thing going for her in that women have a love for her clothes and wear and buy them in abundance. She makes no qualms about bringing an honesty to her work where her concern isn't artistic perfection but clothes that people will wear over and over again. This season, the high shoulder little jackets gave way to rounded baseball-influenced jackets, denim jackets and mannish cut coats. The jeans and trousers came tight and cropped and when paired with pointy shoes adorned with bows, Marant evoked styles of the late 50s to early 60s where women were embracing their version of casualwear. Of course, embellished dresses for the night were still in order and silver lame and metallic brocade helped this along.
Dazed Digital: What were you exploring this season? Isabel Marant: The thing is I never have an inspiration image for a collection as I think it feels a bit fake when you're too attached to a collection. I start with trying to have the feeling of what I'm searching with a new collection. In winter time you don't feel like dressing up all the time as it's cold and you want something simple. I was thinking about what could be a new approach to a jeans, jacket and t-shirt. So I started with the shortened tight jeans, the shoes and then I found it was very close to the silhouette in the late 50s. For example I was thinking of Marilyn Monroe in her jeans, Brigitte Bardot and when girls started wearing short and tight jeans. I really loved this idea of a very simple but very efficient silhouette with a very precise cut. 
DD: How do you manage to tap into a'streetstyle' zeitgeist each season? Isabel Marant: I try to be as honest as possible. So I always ask myself will I wear this, how would I wear it, do I need this. When you do something very crazy, something beautiful, that can be very easy but then you're lost in this nice piece and you're not actually wearing it. The question is always, "Will I wear it?" and I'm always very honest.