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Selassie is the creative multi-hyphenate using art to balance his chakras

As the third ambassador in the ASICS City Ambassador Program, the artist unpacks his relationship with mindfulness

Welcome to ASICS’ City Ambassador Program, where we are spotlighting three individuals honouring creativity through mindfulness and movement. Head to the hub here to find out more and shop the latest collection throughout the article.

To celebrate the edition of its iconic GT-2160™ sneaker, ASICS has looked to cities across Europe to find unique and authentic storytellers who embody ‘Ikigai’ (生き甲斐) –  a Japanese concept that relates to finding a sense of purpose through one’s passions, missions, professions and vocations. 

Located in the vibrant hubs of Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris, the ASICS City Ambassadors stand as the vanguards of a fresh creative wave. With a distinct focus on mindfulness, each ambassador represents a new generation dedicated to creating a link between their passions and connection to their minds and bodies. Following Amalia Taleï, an Amsterdam-based artisanal chocolatier, and Manon Bouquet, a dancer and choreographer, this week our focus is on the third ASICS ambassador Selassie.

Based in Berlin but born in the Ghanaian capital of Accra, Selassie, is a creative multi-hyphenate whose primary practices include painting and making music. “I feel like with a lot of the things that I actually do, I rely mostly on my intuition. I trust that this is what I am meant to practice today. Since I make music and paint, sometimes I wake up wondering what to do. Do I paint or make music?” he explains, discussing navigating the balance between his crafts. “I have accepted that both are a part of me and they need each other for me to be able to feel at ease. They help each other evolve. I live in the moment in terms of trusting that everything I have to do is to wake up and trust to learn something either in the atelier or music studio.”

Dedicated to his grounding practices, relating to ASICS’ ‘Sound Mind in a Sound Body’ philosophy, Selassie blends his visual art with frequency music to help find balance. “I think my favourite part of painting is being able to let go and let an image lead you to a reflection,” he explains. “I feel like I am trying to colour up my grey experiences. It is the simplest way for me to reflect on how I feel about my current world.”

While painting and music are his main forms of expression, in his adolescence he began a journey with dance which provided him with emotional release through movement. “I used to Krump from 16 to 24. So spiritually I know where movements can take you,” he says. “Nowadays I am far from dancing but I prefer taking long walks with my daughter and staying loyal to my early morning runs.”



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Seen in his studio, campaign images depict Selassie alongside his artwork while sporting the latest GT-2160™ sneakers. These shoes pay tribute to the GT-2000™ series from the early 2010s and offer both comfort and mindfulness for those constantly on the go. This notion of mindfulness through physical activity echoes the initial vision of ASICS founder Kihachiro Onitsuka, who sought to uplift individuals through movement.

Watch Selassie’s campaign video below to discover more about what a sound mind in a sound body means to him.

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