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Courtesy of Calvin Klein x Zalando

Lomijoh and Lucky Blue Smith star in new Calvin Klein x Zalando campaign

The musician and model discuss their creative inspirations, career trajectories, and how they learned to ‘let go’

Calvin Klein collaborations have always featured some of the creative industries’ most stylish talent. In the last year alone, various Dazed x Calvin Klein shoots have included the likes of Amandla Stenberg and Brandon Flynn to Tyler Hampton and Rina Sawayama. What remains throughout all campaigns is an intrinsic sense of celebrating freedom and creative expression. 

Released this month, the latest ‘Pure Release’ campaign is made in collaboration with Zalando, one of the most prominent online destinations for fashion and lifestyle in Europe, and sees actor and model Lucky Blue Smith become a Calvin Klein star. As a child model, Smith began modelling professionally at the age of 14, when he moved from his hometown in Utah to Los Angeles. After becoming one of the most booked male models of the 2010s, he ventured into acting, which remains his current passion.

Also starring in the campaign is musican and model Lomijoh. Born and raised in Paris to Cameroonian and Belgian parents, her passion for music was fight ignited when she began taking piano lessons during her early childhood. A couple of years ago she made her official debut, releasing “Don’t Let it Go”, her first single. She has since gone on to release an EP and star in multiple high fashion campaigns. 

Below Lomijoh and Lucky discuss the process of letting go, and share what it was like to work on this project.


How do you ‘let go’?

Lucky Blue Smith: I ‘let go’ in many ways. Through scenes, through sports, through laughter, through sleep or even letting go in life controlling what I can and letting what I can’t be. Letting go is like a superpower.

As you’ve progressed through your career, how have you dealt with letting go of things, places or maybe ideas in order to make space for more creativity?

Lucky Blue Smith: In this career, you learn very quickly how to let go of things. I think if you don’t let go of the things you can’t control you’ll end up driving yourself a bit crazy. Even if it’s an idea that’s been floating around in your head for a while, if you can’t get a pulse with it then sometimes you must let go in order to let in more creativity.

What was your favourite part of working on this project with Calvin Klein and Zalando?

Lucky Blue Smith: My favourite part was meeting the team and working together. It was such an easygoing yet structured shoot. I love being productive while having a genuine time with the people on set. Also, the set was absolutely epic.

You started modelling very young, when did you discover your passion for acting and what was it about acting that first appealed to you?

Lucky Blue Smith: Around five to six years after I started modelling I had an opportunity to be a part of an independent film. I didn’t realize I had an itch for acting until I was on set trying it for the first time. With modelling you usually shoot and are around the crew for usually 1-3 days depending, but with acting you can be with the same people for months getting to know them, and creating close bonds which I loved. It’s hard for me to really connect with someone I’m working with on a deeper level for a few days, so having that time to get to know your crew, cast mates, producers and directors is the best. With acting I can create and shape an entire character which really excites me, the possibilities are really endless.

Check out the campaign in the gallery above. 


How do you ‘let go’? 

Lomijoh: If I’m feeling stressed, sad, or anxious, I have multiple remedies including eating one of my favourite dishes, getting some sleep, going to the gym, meditating with my sound bowl and to be honest, playing The Sims.

What was your favourite part of working on this project with Calvin Klein and Zalando? 

Lomijoh: I always wanted to work for CK and the concept behind the project was beautiful. I love when I can be myself and when I can express my body like I’m free. I think our generation is more likely to identify with this message about being ourselves and feeling as free, like a floating energy, more than ever!

How do you continuously find inspiration to write music and pour so much emotion into your art? 

Lomijoh: I take inspiration from my daily life and people next to me. In my daily life, it can be from my personal life or maybe a line from a movie or book that inspires me. There are truly no rules. Most of the songs I have released talk about love, and all my songs recently have talked about life experiences, the pursuit of happiness, and hope because I had been in a state of mind for a year and a half where love relationships were not my priority anymore. I was my own priority. I wanted to discover myself more by being my own companion. Then you can introspect what you’ve been through. It allows me to write different songs on different subjects and I’m really happy to have done this. 

Do you find creating music is a cathartic release of emotions for you?

Lomijoh: For sure it is! It is really a therapy. Sometimes it’s really difficult to put words together on what we experienced and it’s truly satisfying to put emotions on paper. It’s like the emotions are in your brain and if you decide to let go of it you can take your hand, take your emotions from your brain then put it on paper. Then you can decide if you want to keep it or disconnect it. It helps to create a separation if you struggle with your emotions and it’s too much weight on your shoulders. But on the other side, with singing after writing something very personal and you have to perform a song it can really put you through those emotions of this moment, and this can be really hard. So in a way with music, you can’t really let go of your emotions. It works for an instant but it always comes back to you.