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Photo by Gilbert Flores/WWD via Getty Images

Doja Cat takes a stand against UTI-inducing thongs

The rapper claimed the outfit she wore at an NYFW Victoria’s Secret party ‘split [her] like a block of sharp cheddar cheese’

Doja Cat has bravely spoken out against vagina-squishing thongs, after wearing an uncomfortable dress to a Victoria’s Secret party during New York Fashion Week.

The rapper attended the party on Wednesday September 6 wearing a black dress with a deep neckline and plunging back, revealing a slither of a Victoria’s Secret thong which was sewn into the dress itself.

But in a series of since-deleted Instagram stories, the artist didn’t hold back on airing her true feelings about the look. “It’s crazy when you got a dress on and your whole vagina is out the whole night and the straps on the dress pull ur tits all the way down to your knees and all you asked for was a slip dress,” she wrote.

“I’m in my complaining era, my fuckin karen era,” she continued. “A bitch coulda got a UTI but the hole real resilient. The fuck”.

She went on to describe, in pretty graphic detail, just how uncomfortable the outfit was. “When I tell u the panty was built into the dress so when i put it on, the shoulder straps pulled the strings up through my cervix and split me like a block of sharp cheddar cheese,” she explained.

“A bitch never thought she could get man handled by a piece of fabric. The panty on this contraption took me under the bleachers and ransacked my shit.”

Undeterred by having “all 4 lips out swinging in the fuckin breeze”, Doja went on to say that she had a “beautiful night” – aside from “them UNADJUSTABLE straps”, adding that she would be “feeding [the dress] to the moths”. And fair enough.

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