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You can now buy a cursed knock-off of Beyoncé’s Loewe bodysuit

Mom says we have Loewe at home x

Another day, another heinous J-Dubs rip-off has been unleashed onto the world. Following in the footsteps of Rihanna’s baggy red Loewe Super Bowl look – which was speedily knocked off by Fashion Nova – comes a counterfeit all-in-one designed to resemble the glittering, handsy bodysuit Beyoncé has been shimmying into on her global Renaissance tour. 

The living embodiment of that ‘mom says we have ___ at home’ meme, this time around the bootleg comes courtesy of Kollyy and costs just £19.99. And though the hand-applied Swarovski crystals have unsurprisingly gone, the likely highly-flammable polyester number is being pushed as the ideal party or festival look. The hands, meanwhile, speak more of this summer’s big A24 horror Talk To Me than they do the Art Deco glamour of Bey’s OG look.

Of course, the fast fashion giants have been ripping off big designers and rising indie creatives alike since time immemorial, with brands like Shein, Pretty Little Thing, and Fashion Nova bastardising everyone from Jean Paul Gaultier and Versace, to Isa Boulder and Di Petsa across recent years, and it’s highly unlikely this is going to stop. 

One of the most fun things about watching Beyoncé’s tour play out across the globe, and almost as exciting as seeing what she herself wears on stage, has been spotting the outfits her army of fans have been slipping into – and more particularly, their DIY iterations of this very Loewe ensemble. Better than a wonky bodysuit that plays havoc on the environment and likely ends up in landfill after only a couple of wears, we hope the Beehive will keep reaching for the glue gun instead of leaning into the throwaway fashion.