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Photo by Julien Oppenheim

Margiela's Microcassette

Michael Stipe creates a limited edition of 199 microcassette pieces for Maison Martin Margiela.

The "Michael Stipe pour Maison Martin Margiela" Microcassette project involved Stipe creating a limited edition of 199 miniature microcassette tape pieces for Maison Martin Margiela.

The microcassette can not be defined as either a piece of jewelry or an art object. It’s both and neither at the same time. It can be worn or displayed in any way the wearer & owner desires.

The 925 sterling silver microcassette is presented in a handmade notebook, with die-cut pages to hold it. A black ribbon is attached to the cassette resembling the tape and also serves as a page marker. The notebook comes in a paper envelope closed by a leather string that can also be used to wear the microcassette.
Each copy of the notebook is numbered and signed by Michael. The microcassette is also marked with a discreet MS09 stamp inside of it.

There are 199 pieces to the edition. No further edition will be done, making this object a very unique and precious item for collectors, fans and whoever will be inspired by it.