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Taro Strikes Out

Expect deceptively simple clothes in flowing layers from Antwerp graduate Taro Horiuchi

Taro Horiuchi just presented at Japan Fashion Week with a collection of pared-back and refined tailoring. After studying English in the UK and a major at Kingston College in photography, Taro Horiuchi moved to Antwerp to study Fashion, where he graduated at the top of his class in 2007, with his collection "Ancient Plastic". Horiuchi was awarded with the Diesel prize in Trieste’s ITS#Six and is now designing under his own name with his S/S 10 collection presented during Japan Fashion week. Inspired by faith, time and nature, Horiuchi has laboured on his tailoring techniques to create deceptively simple clothes that unfolds in layers. See the video of his works by Daniel Sannwald + Studio Wow Tokyo here.

Dazed Digital: How did you become interested in fashion?

Taro Horiuchi: Margiela was my hero when I was 19.


DD: When and why did you start designing?
Taro Horiuchi: When I was 20. In Antwerp. No reason.

DD: Who is your favorite designer and why?
Taro Horiuchi: Coco Chanel; her attitude and mind for product.


DD: Which is the concept behind your new collection?
Taro Horiuchi: There are three keywords: faith, time, nature. The beauty of circulation and the beauty of layers of monotony.

DD: Where do you seek for inspiration?
Taro Horiuchi: Humans


DD: You are known for using innovative fabrics and the detail of your clothes; why is that so important to you?

Taro Horiuchi: Mmm. there is no reason, it is important for collection to think about it, that is maybe why...

DD: How much change you to win the Diesel Award at ITS#SIX?
Taro Horiuchi: So much! It is impossible to imagine what it is to collaborate with such a big company.


DD: How do you see Tokyo and the new Japanese designers now?
Taro Horiuchi: It seems very calm at moment, but I can feel it is starting to change... we have to make another new movement in Tokyo.


DD: With whom you would like to collaborate?
Taro Horiuchi: New artists in Japan.


DD: What makes you happy? 
Taro Horiuchi: Life?


Photography by Daniel Sannwald