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Knock Knock poster

Felix Choong’s fashion exhibition mines the comfort and volatility of home

...and more fashion news you missed

Felix Choong – the founder of chin-strokey fashion magazine Nice Outfit – has curated an exhibition of fashion and textiles that examines the concept of home. With contributions from Comme Des Garçons, Vivienne Westwood, Issey Miyake, Gui Rosa, and VeniceW, Knock Knock traces the tensions that collect around gender, domestic labour, childhood, and shelter, treating the home as “a site of both sanctuary and contention.” There, a button isn’t merely a button, but “an emotional archaeology signifying our hoarder-like tendencies”, tumorous appendages telegraph an “incessant desire for comfort”, while fur coats are reinterpreted as “a bourgeois cilice.” 

With set pieces designed by Rory Mullen, Knock Knock is a thematic continuation of Choong’s 2020 show Homesick For Another World, which framed clothing as a form of resistance towards present-day political anxieties. “The home is meant to be a cocoon against the troubles of the world, yet behind closed doors these spaces present us with intimacies, connections and altercations that must be reckoned with whether we want to or not,” Choong says. “These garments are snapshots into our own lives, the ones that we exhibit and the ones that we conceal.” Knock Knock will run from December 9 to December 11 at the Season Gallery on Brick Lane. 

In other news this week, Louis Vuitton threw open the doors to its Dream exhibition, which maps all of its creative collaborations since Marc Jacobs first took to the helm, while Jun Takahashi came together with Stranger Things to design a capsule wardrobe for Dungeons & Dragons nerds. Elsewhere, Balenciaga responded to its SS23 campaign controversy, and Ludovic de Saint Sernin was appointed the new creative director of Ann Demeulemeester. Shannon Abloh also stepped into the spotlight, outlining her 50-year plan to commemorate Virgil Abloh, while Miu Miu was crowned the hottest brand in the world, and Carrie Bradshaw’s old dress sold for over €15,000. For everything else you may have missed, click through the gallery below.