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Taylor Russell for Dazed winter 2022 6
All clothes and accessories worn throughout LOEWE SS23Photography Carlijn Jacobs, styling Imruh Asha

Tracing Taylor Russell’s ascendancy to fashion fave

From sleek Prada columns, to Schiaparelli couture and custom Loewe, we map the Dazed cover star’s style trajectory

Of the countless Taylors that have entered into pop culture over the past few decades – think Lautner, Momsen, even Swift – none have captured the imagination of the fashion world quite like Dazed cover star Taylor Russell. The rising actor first rose to prominence in Trey Edward Shults’ 2019 film Waves, garnering critical acclaim for her performance as troubled teen Emily Williams, and has since gone on to become the Taylor supreme.

Though Russell has always been “in awe of the artistry in the world of fashion,“ telling British Vogue that “it’s incredible to be part of its history,” it’s only been in recent months that we’ve seen her sartorial credentials skyrocket – due in large part to her relationship with stylist Ryan Hastings, who outfitted her entire festival run while she promoted Luca Guadagnino’s cannibal movie Bones and All. Known for his work with Mia Goth, Rooney Mara, and Anya Taylor-Joy, Hastings has built a business on constructing the identities of cult ingénues ever since he dressed Carey Mulligan in custom Dior for her Great Gatsby press tour.

Now, as Russell steps into the spotlight, so too has her style. She was selected by Jonathan Anderson to open Loewe at the SS23 edition of Paris Fashion Week, and just last month she was officially named a global ambassador for the brand. That kinship is just another example of the long-held tradition of major fashion houses locking down and raising the profile of shiny new actors – but if anyone can pull off a full-look policy... it’s Taylor Russell. Below, we trace Russell’s sudden ascendancy to fashion favourite: from sleek Prada columns, to Schiaparelli couture, and custom Loewe

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