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The Future Rocks is the must-know destination for innovative jewellery

The future-facing platform is catering for a new generation of jewellery aficionados

Across the course of the last few years, we’ve heard plenty from the fashion world when it comes to sustainability and ensuring the future of our planet, and many of us are making increasingly conscious decisions when it comes to where we get our clothes from – but if we’re really honest, does this thinking always extend to our jewellery? 

Making decisive moves to ensure the future of jewellery becomes more ethical than it is right now is The Future Rocks. Since its inception, the innovative platform has strived to curate an edit of considered, contemporary pieces crafted by creators around the globe – many of whom are united in their endeavours to work in a more conscious way.

Take a scroll through The Future Rocks’ website right now and you’ll find chunky geometric bangles and signet rings courtesy of The Rayy, Juuls and Karats’ personalised gold pendants, and knockout diamonds and pearls by the likes of Frank Darling and Monarc, whose impactive designs are created using 100 per cent recycled materials. 

Elsewhere, Japanese designer TERRA 10¹² looks to Impressionist art across its collections, turning out minimal pieces that utilise contemporary technology – namely in the form of lab-grown pink diamonds. Meanwhile, PRMAL upholds its commitment to conservation by donating a percentage of sales of its understated, modern pieces to charitable environmental causes around the world. 

At the heart of its edit of rising designers and established names to know, The Future Rocks is also embarking on a journey down a bold and relatively new avenue when it comes to its diamonds.

Moving away from the kind of stones that are often procured from unsustainable sources through questionable means, the platform is instead turning to science and placing the focus on lab-grown diamonds – which, in case you’re not familiar, is a rapidly growing industry creating quality stones without harming the environment or the people sourcing them. 

Where natural diamonds take upwards of one billion years to form (yes, you read that correctly), their laboratory-made counterparts are ready in as little as a few weeks, cultivated via high pressure, high temperature ovens, or otherwise utilising chemical vapour deposition.

Would you be able to tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and one dug up from the earth? Yeah, right. As The Future Rocks so succinctly puts it: “A diamond is a diamond no matter where it was born. Ice from the fridge is just as icy as the ones found on Mount Everest”. 

With The Future Rocks one of the first to place emphasis on this new way of working, lab diamonds have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, as people wise up to the ecological disaster that could lay before us if we don’t turn things around.

Taking the guilt out of buying jewellery that once existed due to the provenance of certain stones, the platform is opening up the jewellery industry to a whole new generation of switched-on diamond aficionados. Intent on fostering and growing a global community, The Future Rocks is forging its own path – not only when it comes to lab-grown diamonds, but also its entire offering of distinctive pieces. The platform has opened up a dialogue and started a long-overdue conversation within a once-archaic industry. Now it just wants you to join in. 

Click through the gallery above for a glimpse of what that looks like, and head here to splash some cash on a few glittering pieces of your own.