Mia Khalifa – Sheytan jewellery
FashionSheytan unchained: how a dance with the devil set Mia Khalifa free
Sucking Lemons 01
FashionSucking Lemons is the jewellery label jazzing up your resting bitch face
Leo Costelloe
FashionInside Leo Costelloe’s world of broken dolls and birthday cake jewels
the watcher
Art & PhotographyHoliday calendar: meet the Dazed Club creative community
Art & PhotographyHoliday calendar: meet the Dazed Club creative community
FashionYes, that is Frank Ocean’s cock ring
Daemon Concept jewellery by Yves Tumor
FashionDaemon Concept: the radical jewellery label making high-fashion weaponry
Stephen Webster: Thorn Addiction
FashionStephen Webster’s Thorn Addiction jewellery is the ultimate 90s revival
Frida in the Library of the Blue House (c. 1949)
Art & PhotographyAn intimate glimpse at Frida Kahlo’s Blue House and all its treasures
KVK accessories 14
FashionNahiya Su on launching KVK and their ultimate AW21 accessories trends
FashionThe Future Rocks is the must-know destination for innovative jewellery
Studio 7 by Cartier 08
FashionSee Cartier’s glittering history and iconic creations in a new exhibition
Chella Man x Private Policy
Beauty newsChella Man’s jewellery collection celebrates the beauty of being deaf
Juanita care oral artist jewellery grillz
Beauty FeatureBaring their teeth: 5 oral art designers getting up in your grill
Di Petsa x Sylvie Macmillan jewellery collection 3
FashionDi Petsa is dropping an aura-cleansing jewellery collection
Pa Salieu – autumn/winter 2020
FashionThe story behind Pa Salieu’s legendary McQueen mouthpiece
Hannah Jewett x Carol Civre
Beauty FeatureHannah Jewett’s jewellery is the perfect accessory for the avatar future
Astro Balls Stephen Webster zodiac collection 1
FashionThe 13th Zodiac sign inspires this new jewellery collection
Contraceptive jewellery
Science & TechWhat you need to know about the contraceptive jewellery
Beauty FeatureThis wearable art looks like medieval torture
Jeweller Alan Crocetti pushes the boundaries of design
Beauty FeatureJeweller Alan Crocetti pushes the boundaries of design