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Mulberry TikTok influencers reimagine iconic bags
Daniela (@that.daniela)

How Mulberry is reinventing heritage and inspiring a whole new gen

Five TikTokers put their own spin on a series of iconic styles in celebration of the brand’s circularity-focused exchange programme

For any fashion aficionado – or even fledgling – a Mulberry bag is for life, not just for Christmas. While that might not be the brand’s official motto, it’s certainly one that it lives by. 

Since it launched in 1971, Mulberry has been crafting its accessories with a timeless aesthetic and quality that’s second-to-none, coupled with a pioneering attitude when it comes to responsible luxury. Now, the British brand is taking things to the next level. To coincide with its 50th anniversary and Earth Day, its Made to Last Manifesto was launched – a promise to lead change in the industry by cultivating a regenerative and circular model, while developing the world’s lowest carbon leather and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2035. 

The brand’s innovative sustainable measures don’t stop there though. In addition to the manifesto, Mulberry recently launched a new exchange programme called – you guessed it – The Mulberry Exchange. For those lucky enough to call one of the brand’s bags their own, they now have the opportunity to get their existing style evaluated and then put this amount towards something new. Their previous bag, meanwhile, will be sent to the Repairs Team at the brand’s Somerset factory, the Rookery. With careful craft at the heart of the brand, the specialised team is responsible for the meticulous care and attention needed to restore more than 10,000 bags a year with their expertly-maintained archive of materials and hardware that goes back over 35 years. 

Initially launching in-store last year, the project has just become available online, giving those who are looking to invest in a Mulberry (for life, remember) the chance to get their hands on rigorously quality-checked, pre-loved styles, as part of a seismic shift in the direction of a more circular fashion industry. 


#AD i’m giving you a range of styling with my pre-loved @mulberry bags from #mulberryexchange #mulberrymadetolast

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In celebration of The Mulberry Exchange’s online launch, the brand has joined forces with Dazed to showcase how a new generation are reimagining the brand’s iconic bags. Bringing together TikTokers including Daniela Contreiras, Callum Mullin, and Tzeshinn, each fashion fan puts their own spin on styles including the Bayswater and the Alexa. The social media stars follow in the footsteps of a seemingly endless cult of celebrities who worship at Mulberry’s altar, including Lana Del Rey, Cara Delevingne, and Alexa Chung – all of whom have had bags named after them – as well as Peggy Gou, Joy Crookes, and Arlo Parks

And there’s more, because good things come in threes. In addition to the Made to Last Manifesto and the Mulberry Exchange, the brand recently announced a new series of collaborations as part of the limited-edition Mulberry Editions collections. Drawing inspiration from Mulberry’s iconic design and DNA, the partnerships see the brand linking up with some of the most exciting names working in fashion today: Priya Ahluwalia, Richard Malone, and Nicholas Daley. Stay tuned for the drop of Ahluwalia’s capsule collection in June, with the rest to follow throughout 2021. 

Head here to learn more about The Mulberry Exchange programme, and here to check out how five TikTokers styled some of its most iconic bags.