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canada olympics 2021 Hudson's bay outfits
Courtesy of Hudson’s Bay

Canada dropped its official Olympic ‘fits and we have questions

It’s the taking part that counts?

With vaccinations against the dreaded C-word being rolled out all over the globe, 2021 is the time to redo everything we missed out on in 2020, including the Olympics – this time hosted in Tokyo. 

As the upcoming sporting event (only 99 days to go) is starting to get hyped up, countries from all around the world are sharing their official Olympic lewks. Keeping up tradition, the US has gone with designer Ralph Lauren – who has gone for a weekend-at-the-Hamptons-on-daddies-yacht vibe. 

But, that’s not even the best (or worst) of the bunch, with Canada undoubtedly getting the gold. The Opening Ceremony outfit is only mildly offensive, consisting of a white tee (with Maple leaf motif, of course) and crossbody bum bag – just like your average ‘Boy queuing outside Supreme’ look. 

It’s the Closing Ceremony concoction that has raised eyebrows – a Forever-21-does-Off-White faux-graffitied denim jacket, covered in Candian motifs and a nod to this year’s host that I only just realised doesn’t say ‘TOKXC’. 

“Tokyo is also known for its street art and fashion. We paid tribute to this in the must-have piece of the Collection – the forever cool jean jacket,” explains the Hudson’s Bay design team, responsible for the looks. “The graffiti graphic and unexpected patch placements capture a youthful and celebratory feel.”

If you’re a fan of the looks – first, see a doctor – you can purchase them all online, with the graffiti denim jacket setting you back £115.