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NaomiOsaka_FNL Levi’s – ‘Beauty of Becoming’
Naomi OsakaPhotography Shaniqwa Jarvis

Naomi Osaka, Jaden Smith, and more offer advice to their 14-year-old selves

Levi’s latest project sees creatives honour self-expression and personal growth

“You’ll save yourself a lot of time if you don’t seek out validation.” Those are the words of advice Tremaine Emory of Denim Tears would offer his teenage self if he could go back in time – likely the same words almost everyone wanted to hear during this difficult transitional period.

Luckily for teens – and beyond, given you’re never too old for good advice – thanks to Levi’s, more creatives are offering up words of wisdom on coming to terms with who you are. Debuting today, January 29, the American denim brand’s new campaign, entitled ‘Beauty of Becoming’ celebrates the journey of personal growth.

Directed by Oge Egbuonu, a short film sees a group of 14 actors, designers, musicians, artists, and activists sit and explain advice they would give to their 14-year-old selves. “Spend more time immersing in learning than trying to be something that you think you need to be,” says Willow Smith. Elsewhere, brother Jaden added, “Even if you're scared and all the signs are pointing in the direction that you should not be yourself, be yourself."

Alongside the Smiths, the rest of the cast includes stylist Karla Welch, Melody Ehsani, Brandon Flynn, Leyna Bloom, Haben Girma, Melina Abdullah, Dolores Huerta, Xiye Bastida, Carlos Montes and Angela Beyince.

The first episode, featuring tennis player and recently appointed LV ambassador Naomi Osaka, will be released next week on February 3. The following episodes will be released between now and June, aligning with key events such as Women’s History Month and Pride Month.

Watch the launch film below.