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Rihanna Savage x Fenty 2020 winter campaign

Obviously Rihanna’s new Savage campaign is hot AF

*Adds tricep-length vinyl gloves to Christmas list*

The temperature outside might be dropping dangerously close to Baltic, but thankfully Rihanna is here to crank the heat up to full blast with her latest Savage x Fenty campaign. 

Joining Megan Thee Stallion as the face of the holiday season, RiRi gets into the Christmas spirit in an icy blue and white ‘cold af’ printed peekaboo bra and knickers set, topped off with some extremely essential winter warmers – namely a pair of tricep-length vinyl gloves and matching thigh-high socks. Truly, there are some ho ho hos in this house. 

Dropping on Instagram earlier today, the Fenty founder explains the must-have goodies will ‘get u through dem chilly December nights’. Looking at the photos, we’d be inclined to agree.