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Di Petsa x Sylvie Macmillan jewellery collection 3
Photography Sylvie Macmillan

Di Petsa is dropping an aura-cleansing jewellery collection

Just what we need, tbh

If your self-care rituals of sheet masks, sage-burning, and an inordinate amount of time spent on various meditation apps are failing to scratch the surface as we enter our fourth week of lockdown 2.0, rising designer Di Petsa might just have the answer – as she just dropped a jewellery collection with aura-cleansing properties.

The offering – which draws inspiration from the jewellery placed in ancient Greek tombs as sacred offerings, and continues Di Petsa’s exploraton of female wetness – features silver and gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings hand-carved into seashell shapes. Each piece is also packed with ‘healing stones’, such as amethyst, selenite, citrine, lapis lazuli, and moonstone – and we’ll take any extra wellness we can get at this point, tbh.

“These hand-carved gems are the outcome of research into the healing and mythological properties of crystals and their use in ritual,” explains the designer. “The golden and silver jewels take inspiration from themes surrounding the birth of Venus and metamorphosis in contemporary and ancient Greek culture, presenting roughly carved seashell shapes that appear to have smooth anthropomorphic elements growing on their skin like breasts and pregnant stomachs.”

Otherwise, the collection was photographed by avant-garde nail artist Sylvie Macmillan – who, ICYMI, glammed up Shygirl’s nails for our autumn/winter 2020 New Prophecies cover.

Prior to the drop, Petsa released a film for her SS21 collection which explored female sensuality through watery mesh looks printed with poetry and embroidered with phrases, such as ‘cries in public’ (a 2020 mood). 

Check out the Di Petsa x Sylvie Macmillan jewellery collection online here.