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Chanel Chanellington Twitter meme parrot
@Wjr079 via Twitter

A parrot called Chanel Chanellington is our new internet queen

Move over Choupette there’s a new bad bitch in town

If there was ever a time for one single, innocuous social media post to unite us all through mass cry-laughing emojis and general extremely online hysteria, it’s now. 

Isolating at home, staring at the same four walls day-in and day-out, it feels as if we’ve been waiting forever for a moment akin to the time 30-50 feral hogs or fish tubes landed on our timelines, offering brief respite from the continuous roll of coronavirus-related content. 

The good news then, readers, is that this moment has arrived, all thanks to an African Grey Parrot named Chanel Chanellington. Demonstrating a blatant disregard for government directions ordering everyone to stay TF inside, the bird flew off into the blue skies over Netherton, Liverpool, leaving her owner, unsuprisingly, distraught. 

First shared to Twitter by @jamesc1995, a short video originally uploaded to Facebook shows Chanel Chanellington’s mum pleading for her pet to come home by shouting her name outside what appears to be her house, and begging those watching the clip (presumably originally her FB friends and acquaintances) to keep their eyes on the skies for the flyaway bird.

“She’s an African Grey and she’s called Chanel, she heard a noise and just flew off,” she clarifies to the camera, before sobbing, “she’s flew towards the canal”. In the hours that followed, the internet went wild, as @jamesc1995’s post amassed over 20k likes and #FINDCHANEL began trending on Twitter.

Thanks to the power of the internet, it wasn’t long before Chanel Chanellington’s mum Sandra, who also owns a scrappy little chihuahua named Coco (obvs), was found. Thankfully, she was able to confirm the iconique parrot had flown back and was now under strict quarantine. 

Naturally, following news of the bird’s return to safety, Chanel Chanellington meme chaos has ensued, with Twitter users calling for her to headline Porn Idol and others labelling her a gay icon, because obviously. With that in mind, we've put together a list our faves (we suggest you strap in, this will take some time).