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Stella McCartney Winter 19 Campaign earth day
Stella McCartney Winter 19 CampaignCourtesy of Stella McCartney

Here’s how the fashion industry is celebrating Earth Day

From Diesel and Stella McCartney, to Burberry and Vivienne Westwood, the industry has its sights set on sustainability, transparency, and a more ethical future

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day set up in 1970 to, well, celebrate the earth. With people coming together globally to show their appreciation for our planet, brands and labels have also used this day as an opportunity to promote and share their sustainability efforts.

Although fashion has long been labelled one of our biggest polluters, a growing number of those in the industry are working hard to right its previous wrongdoings. From hosting carbon neutral shows and introducing transparency schemes, to using sustainable materials and techniques, for a long time now, a more sustainable fashion future has been top of the agenda. 

With this in mind, here, we look at what fashion is doing to celebrate Earth Day this year. From Diesel to DepopVivienne Westwood to Veja, read our list below. 


Having recently launched new sustainability strategy ‘For Responsible Living’, Diesel has now introduced a series of new denim styles as part of its SS20 collection. This Earth Day initiative will see the brand create pieces using significantly less water and chemicals during production. 


To mark Earth Day, Veja, the sustainable trainer company which previously collaborated with Rick Owens, has released a video detailing the story of how the environmentally-conscious brand began. Showing its mission to make a real change in the fashion world that moved beyond just words, you can watch the video above. 


Burberry has launched a series of sustainably made pieces crafted from recycled fabrics. Entitled the ‘ReBurberry Edit’, the collection features 26 items, including the label’s classic trench coat. Elsewhere, the British label has announced a new labelling system which will help customers gain a deeper understanding of the environmental impact of their clothes. 


The secondhand retail app is celebrating not just Earth Day, but Earth Week, by spotlighting some of the thinkers, shoppers, and creatives making a difference in terms of sustainable fashion. 


The legendary British designer has partnered with not-for-profit environmental organisation Canopy to spread awareness of the direct link between our clothes and the environment. The project has been announced via a video featuring Kai-Isaiah Jamal, who has written a poem on the issue. 


Stella McCartney is taking over a screen in the heart of London’s Piccadilly Circus. Usually a place bustling with cars and people, the area is now empty due to the outbreak of coronavirus. McCartney is using this opportunity to highlight the optimistic message that even when humanity pauses, nature lives on, while still acknowledging the severity of our current situation. The screening will take place through to April 26.