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Tyra Banks
via Instagram (@tyrabanks)

More details have been revealed about Tyra Banks’ ModelLand theme park

Banks wants to bring ‘modelling to the masses’, apparently

It was almost exactly a year ago when Tyra Banks, creator of America’s Next Top Model, revealed she was set to open up a model-themed theme park. Entitled ModelLand, the venture is expected to be her most iconic project yet, and now, more details have been revealed. Kind of. 

Speaking on an episode of The View earlier this week, Banks said she wanted to bring “modelling to the masses”, revealing that ModelLand will be “a story-driven attraction where you can come and celebrate your own beauty.”

This follows an interview The Wall Street Journal late last year, wherein Banks described ModelLand as her “baby which has not yet been born”. Revealing the park will be a “location-based attraction where you can be a model for a day,” the supermodel explained that “mamas, daddies, cousins, uncles, sisters,” will all be welcome. Oh: and you can also hold your bridal showers and stag parties there too, in case you were wondering.

Referencing the likes of Wakanda, the fictional country from Academy Award-winning film Black Panther, as inspiration for the project, she also noted her own young-adult novel Modelland released in 2011 as an influence (no shock there). And, although there has been no mention of the only fashion TV show that will ever matter, ANTM, we hope to see some smizing-inspired merch included. ‘Smize! You’re on camera!’ etc. 

With details concerning the park’s opening remaining hazy, with the experience set to open sometime in Winter 2020, no further information surrounding its location has been given. But all we know is we are ALL rooting for you ModelLand.