There’s a Tyra Banks model-themed theme park opening soon

You need to be this tall to smize this ride

ICYMI, America’s Next Top Model creator and all around GIF-able legend Tyra Banks has news – she's opening a theme park.

That’s right, Modelland – which is appropriately themed all around modelling – is set to open later this Santa Monica, California and will be a place where people can “be the dream version of themselves”. “It’s my calling to bring modelling to the masses,” Banks told WWD. “With Modelland, I’m taking it ten steps forward, giving people the opportunity to engage with the elusive world by opening it up to everyone.”

According the article, the theme park will feature official merch, as well as other brands and a Supermodel-themed restaurant serving meals including Naomi Campbell’s Fish and Chips (not officially endorsed, FYI). If you want to be the first in line to practice your ‘hoe, but then make it fashion’ skills, follow the theme park’s Instagram here