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The funniest reactions to Vaquera’s viral moody model

Isn’t this how all of us walk into work on a Monday?

Whether in the form of J-Lo storming the Versace runway in her leafy green, jungle print dress, or a YouTube prankster taking over the Chanel catwalk, every fashion week has a meme-worthy moment. This season there’s a difference: the meme taking over timelines was a moment from last year that, surprisingly, seemed to go unnoticed. 

Taken from the New York label Vaquera’s AW19 runway show, which was styled by Dazed’s fashion director Emma Wyman, the clip is of a particular model and her distinctive walk. Dressed in a Vaquera-logo longsleeve paired with a black and white checked skirt and green knitted scarf, the walk embodies the angsty teen stomp which we’ve all been guilty of. 

With her straight, swinging arms, her exaggerated head bob, and aura of someone who has zero fucks left to give, model Natsumi Takahashi’s walk is perhaps the pioneering prototype of another moody walk from last year. German model Leon Dame took to the Margiela SS20 runway with his scowl and intense, stompy walk, stealing our hearts and making Anna Wintour laugh. Together with Dame’s, Takahashi’s strut will now go down in viral fashion history. 

This, however, is not the first time Vaquera has provided us with meme-able moments. Think back to the AW17 show which saw a model carry a huge bag of ice, à la Shia LaBeouf. Or maybe the pink crop top which the internet decided is the chewing gum that gets stuck to your shoe. 

Enjoy some of our favourite angsty model walk memes and moods below.