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Threeasfour Womenswear S/S10

Their collaboration with Yoko Ono plays out with a re-enactment of Ono's art performance Cut Piece.

PhotographyShawn Brackbill

"We're bored with traditional runway," declares Angela Donhauser of the trio Threeasfour and to celebrate their collaboration with Yoko Ono on a series of prints they have worked on from Ono's drawings, the show turned out to be a re-enactment of Ono's art performance piece the 'Cut Piece.' Models came out with stools and one wearing a spiralling dress, wielding two pairs of shears came out too and one by one, each model got up to cut a bit of the dress until she was left standing in white briefs and a bandeau top. Threeasfour have been working together long enough to establish their aesthetic of uncomprising constructed clothes that always plays with structure and of course always has a concept behind them. Donhauser, together with Adi Gil and Gabriel Asfour all agree that with this part collaborative-effort, they're ready to take it to the next level. "It's ready to go and it has graduated from high school."

Dazed Digital: How did the collaboration with Yoko Ono happen?
Gabriel: We worked with Sean Lennon before as hee did one of the show as We have the same sensibility. Sean actually suggested that we do something with Yoko's prints because they looked a lot like our clothes.
Adi: She's been doing these dot drawings for years and she's got thousands...

DD: Does she do them for pleasure?
Gabriel: It's very instinctual and very natural for her and we love them.
Adi: She gave us eleven, we chose two that we created prints from.  
Angela: She's got a very tedious work of art - I mean over the years, how many records has she put up. For her 75th birthday, she was performing and wouldn't leave the stage and basically rocked everyone out from under the table.
Gabriel: She has such great energy!

DD: How has Yoko been involved in the creative process?
Gabriel: We've been back and forth and as we work, she sees it and she likes it.
Adi: Basically we created those prints and we showed them to her and she liked them and then we went to the next step. She knows a little but doesn't really know so it will be a bit of a surprise.
Angela: It's kind of been like a collaboration from a distance in a way. You know, it's not like we sit down and work together.
The aesthetic is very much our's but we tried to touch into a little bit of what she likes too, for example, she likes qutie a muted palette and she also likes blue and so we've worked blue into the collection.
Gabriel: We picked the shade though.
Angela: We're welcome to collaboration but we don't bend down.

DD: What other influences came into play in the collection?
Adi: A lot of things are connected to other artworks she has done. Like the names of her artwork, we've worked on pieces connected to her artwork. For example, she did this piece called "Three Spoons" and so we have tops with three holes in it.
Gabriel: We have a lot of leggings in our collection and we were thinking she wouldn't like them but she loved them!
Adi: She's got great legs!

DD: So the Yoko prints on the jersey will be lower priced?
Gabriel: We thought it would be nice to offer that element in jersey and to make it accessible as well as collectible as they will be limited editions.

DD: It feels a bit iconoclastic, this collaboration between someone like Yoko Ono and Threeasfour?
Gabriel: It's also a collaboration with an artist as well as a musician.
Angela: She stands very much on her own. You can't put her into one category as she covers a lot of ground.
Adi: We want to go more and more into this direction. So to start working with Yoko is the best.
Angela: The first collaboration is between the three of us. Working with Yoko came naturally and now we've feel like now that we've added a 'number four' and maybe in the future we'll be looking to collaborate more.
Gabriel: We might collect more number four's...

DD: Has the design dynamic changed between the three of you over the years?
Angela: We've seen each other's strengths over the years and at the climax, it comes full circle.
Adi: We all have things we're better at but we'd like to keep it a mystery to the outside!
Gabriel: There's no formula to it but it just comes together.