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Backstage at Moschino SS20 1
Backstage at Moschino SS20Photography Christina Fragkou

Art Attack! Moschino channels Picasso with its SS20 collection

The Italian label looks to early the 20th-century Cubist pioneer for its latest collection

Last night in Milan, Jeremy Scott presented his latest collection for Moschino, taking inspiration from early 20th Century painter Picasso and his many muses for SS20. Although the show notes were brief, reading: “Muses inspire artists and artists inspire the world”, the collection, unsurprisingly, was far from minimal. 

In keeping with the label’s kitschy, cartoon-like designs, Scott sent a variety of looks all rooted in Picasso’s most renowned paintings down the runway. Models including Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber wore a Girl Before the Mirror and the Harlequin inspired look respectively, while others were dressed as guitars.

Although some designs were more nuanced in their representation of the painter's work, other models were literally turned into paintings. One was adorned with a gold decorative frame, while a black and white cubist nude was painted inside with the models head poking out. The result was an illusionist play on two-dimensionality, because who doesn’t want to be a living, breathing piece of art.

Elsewhere in the collection, a pirate-like look made its way down the runway, which further confirmed the rise of the Ahoy-agenda Dazed discussed earlier this summer. With a clear Spanish theme, a further nod to Picasso’s heritage came in the form of music by the Catalin Dazed 100 singer, Rosalía