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Joshua Woods photographs New York Carhartt WIP magazine 13
Photography Joshua Woods

Joshua Woods captures his New York Crew for issue three of Carhartt WIP

The Dazed 100 photographer shot his friends and family around the city for the latest issue of the legendary skate label’s eponymous magazine

Last year, skatewear label Carhartt WIP launched the inaugural issue of its eponymously named magazine. Focusing on global subcultures, art, fashion, hip hop, and skating (duh), the debut publication featured work by the likes of Julian Klincewicz and Joyce NG.  

This week, issue three drops – with everything from an interview with DIY footwear designer Nicole McLaughlin, to a profile of rising Paris producer Crystallmess on the line-up. Also included is an editorial in which Dazed 100 photographer (and longtime Carhartt fan) Joshua Woods spotlights creatives from New York, as part of a feature and accompanying film entitled Hidden Masters.

“I really wanted to make a film and do a shoot about NYC natives on their home turf, it’s such a big part of me,” Woods explains of his inspiration. “When Carhartt asked me to do the project I was in a real New York State of mind, so I thought let’s get my family – my boy Troy, who rides up and down 7th Avenue in Harlem on dirt bikes, my friend Aya, who’s an amazing painter, my buddy Vlad, who has Public Housing skate team out in the projects – involved.”

“I loved shooting my family. They’ve never seen me work, especially my grandma. My work is so foreign to her” – Joshua Woods

The images themselves demonstrate Woods’ signature authenticity, as the photographer captures his close-knit cast riding dirt bikes through the city at night or sitting quietly in their bedrooms. When it comes to his favourite part of the shoot, he explains it was working with his grandmother, who also appears, that meant the most: “I loved shooting my family. They’ve never seen me work, especially my grandma. My work is so foreign to her.”

When it came to the name of the editorial, Woods explains that, in his eyes, it reflects the people of New York. “Julio, one of the subjects in the film, said it in his interview, and it seemed like the obvious choice to name the film,” he recalls. “I think every New Yorker has a hidden side to them, and an instinct that many people don’t have. You grow up learning so much in New York, especially when it comes to finessing your way in and out of situations. It becomes a hidden talent – you become a master at it.”

Issue three is now available at Carhartt WIP stores globally.