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Carhartt WIP Magazine Issue 1
Carhartt WIP Magazine Issue 1Courtesy of Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP’s new magazine explores skating, art, and subculture

Issue 1 is out now

“Carhartt WIP is kind of a blank canvas for subcultures,” says Calum Gordon, editor of the brand’s new WIP magazine – out today. “Skateboarding, club culture, hip hop, art, high fashion – it pops up everywhere and means something different to those in their respective scenes,” he says. “We wanted to create a magazine that explores the cultures where the brand has found a following. And to kind of bring it all together to create something representative of the world Carhartt WIP inhabits.”

For the inaugural publication, contributors include photographer Joyce NG (who lenses a surreal editorial called “Fever Stream” featuring the SS18 Carhartt WIP collection), while photographer, artist, and Dazed 100 alum Julian Klincewicz discusses his work in a conversation with curator Ligaya Salazar. Charlotte Mäeva-Perret – the designer first who caught our attention with her Raf Simons photo print jackets – creates a visual project, and the world’s most wonderfully niche bootleggers Boot Boyz Biz pay tribute to Trojan Records. Skateboarding gets its outlet too, through a photo story in Belfast with Northern Irish skater Denis Lynn.

“Nearly all of the content is, in some way, related to Carhartt WIP’s DNA, whether it’s through skateboarding or graffiti or music,” Gordon says of the issue’s diverse articles and authors. “But we allowed contributors to interpret the brand in their own way. Which is why you have a traditional skate story, accompanied by an article from Jack Self, an architect, looking at how architecture impacts the development of subcultures like skateboarding.”

WIP Issue 1 is exclusively available in Carhartt WIP stores globally, and is free.