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supreme louis vuitton crucifix walk 2019 new york

Some hypebeasts made a giant Supreme crucifix for literally no reason

Or as they say... ‘art’

This week in ‘Things Literally Nobody Asked For’, a group of hypebeasts have been set loose on New York, carrying around a giant Supreme x Louis Vuitton-print crucifix. 

Designed by artist Hochul Lee, the ‘art’ piece is part of an (unofficial) Supreme Walk – an event that coincides with the 25th anniversary of the brand. Taking place yesterday, the walk was a pilgrimage from the Supreme Dover Street Market to its SoHo location over two hours.

By the looks of the images shared on its Instagram account, even with a giant red cross, there wasn’t much attention around the ‘performance’. Even after they taped (Supreme x LV too, of course) a model to it. 

After all that walking in the rain, the gaggle (the collective name we’re going for) of hypebeasts went to a party, with the strict dress code: ‘wear supreme or getthefuckout’. 

We don’t really have any words, so will leave it up to who commented: “What type of head ass shit is this”.