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trussardi checking invoices archive now collaboration
Trussardi Archive+NowCourtesy of Trussardi

The morphsuit model of Checking Invoices takes on Trussardi’s archive

The second instalment of the Italian brand’s Archive+Now project is with the creatives behind the humourous IG account

Last month, Italian heritage label Trussardi announced the launch of its Archive+Now project, a collaborative effort with upcoming local names to bring new life to its 100-year-long legacy.

First up, was Giulia and Camilla Venturini of accessories label Medea, who mixed the heritage pieces with a new collection, featuring on-trend tiny handbags. Now, Trussardi has enlisted the creatives behind Instagram account Checking Invoices to put their spin on the project.

With the sole aim of bringing fun back to fashion, the anonymous duo behind the account are often seen venturing around Milan teaming the latest OTT runway fashions with their identity-obscuring morphsuits and the Archive Now images and accompanying video are no different. “Trussardi is a brand with an important history, we were definitely very aware of it in the 90s when we were kids,” the duo explains. “The fact that we could work with the archive was very exciting but also challenging as we needed to reinterpret it in our project and point of view.”

The images show the anonymous morphsuit-wearing individual (in a custom Trussardi logo print version) walking dogs and living the life of luxury, with the label’s archive pieces layered. Elsewhere, the video brings life to the fun images, with the model sipping cocktails and hanging out of a car roof. 

In addition to the images, the pair also created a limited edition accessory – a cardholder – a nod to the brand’s long-standing commitment to creating luxury leather goods, given a twist with the Checking Invoices logo embossed on it.

Like the Venturini sisters, Checking Invoices commends Trussardi for finding a way to celebrate its large archive by bringing in newer talents. “Sometimes fashion is taken so seriously,” they conclude. “With Checking Invoices we always aim to disturb the fashion system with humour. This project is a way of demystifying it and expressing fashion as a creative project, more than just a business.”