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Justin Bieber launched a clothing line, and it’s beige!

It’s also pretty expensive too – sorry

While you’ve been waiting for Rihanna to drop her luxury fashion line, Justin Bieber has only gone and released his own. That’s right, Biebs just launched Drew House, with a very, very beige take on skatewear. 

According to the brand’s website, “drew house is a place where you can be yourself. blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfhl. wear like you don’t care. come chill. k. bye”. Yes, it really says that. The debut collection features the skatewear-meets-streetwear that Bieber is a fan of, in a palette that is for the most part beige. Elsewhere, tees are emblazoned with the slogan ‘DREW’ (Bieber’s middle name, FYI) and a smiley face.

Each product on the site is accompanied with a little witticism such as “perfect for doing the kinds of things you'd normally do while wearing pants” for a pair of corduroy trousers or “what a young, chill steve jobs might have worn. great for family pictures so get your dad one too while you're at it” for a turtleneck

Despite fans of the singer eagerly anticipating the line since he trademarked Drew House, some took to Twitter to complain about the prices of the newly dropped label. Maybe the singer should say... sorry? (sorry, not sorry!).