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David Casavant ArchiveCourtesy of David Casavant

Kanye, Hanne Gaby & Eric N. Mack style rare archive items in this new book

Fashion archivist and stylist David Casavant enlisted 16 creatives to create images featuring his impressive designer archive

Fashion archivist and stylist David Casavant is renowned for his fashion archive – that includes rare pieces from the likes of Helmut Lang, Raf Simons, Tom Ford-era Gucci, and Prada – lending items to Kanye West and Rihanna, as well as a number of fashion magazines.

To celebrate the archive, that is now over a decade in the making, Casavant has released a new book – entitled David Casavant Archive. “People kept wanting me to do a book,” the archivist tells us. “I think they thought it would just be still life shots of the archive, but I wanted it to be way more interesting than that.”

Enlisting a list of creatives like Kanye West, photographer Joyce NG, model Hanne Gaby Odiele, Dazed 100 artist Eric N. Mack and a whole host more, the archivist tasked each of them with creating images with some of the most iconic pieces of his collection. “I gave them full creative freedom,” Casavant explains on giving pieces to each contributor. “I wouldn’t have chosen anyone I didn’t feel comfortable giving items to; I only chose people whose work would show something more positive and optimistic.”

The different series of images include a variety of styles, mediums and subject matter from illustrations, to iPhone selfies, and studio shots of dancers in motion to polaroids of Kim K by Ye. There’s even a homoerotic sketch of Zayn in some Gucci briefs by Stuart Uoo. “I hope people feel inspired after looking at the book,” Casavant says about what he wants people to take away from it. “I said from the beginning I wanted it to be for young people because I had books that really inspired me when I was younger and I wanted to be able to offer that book.”

While the creation of the book gave Casavant the perfect opportunity to look back over the archive he’s created, he still has plans for growing it in the future. “I’m currently working on a gift shop for the archive,” he concludes. “Where people can buy fun and interesting things – sort of like if my archive had a museum gift shop.”