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All of Beyoncé’s ‘APESHIT’ looks – ranked

A whole lotta lewks for a six-minute video

ICYMI (we can’t imagine how that would ever be possible, unless you’ve been underground without internet) Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped a surprise album at the weekend.

We already decoded all of the art references within the video, but what about all the lewks? For a six-minute video, there are a lot – would we expect any less from Queen B?

Check out the video below, and scroll down for the video’s key looks, ranked from worst to best.


Appearing around two-thirds of the way through the video for approximately five seconds, you could blink and miss this look. By an unnamed designer, the look is pretty nondescript in comparison to some of her other scene-stealing moments, but it’s Beyoncé, she’ll always look great.

Rank: 7/11. We didn’t know we wanted it, but didn’t hate it.


At the more low-key end of the scale is this nude corset paired with a regal headwrap.

Rank: Naughty Girl. B’s bedroom look.


Beyoncé is not just one thing, she’s all-encompassing – exactly what she proves in this lilac Peter Pilotto suit. Think tailoring is just for Jay? Think again.

Rank: If I Were A Boy. Self-explanatory.


Not content with one piece of couture, here Beyoncé slays in two. Paying tribute to the goddess Nike – while simultaneously snatching her wig – Bey wears a Stephane Rolland gown pair with an Alexis Mabille cape. If you ever needed proof of God’s existence.

Rank: Halo. Pure heaven.


B can pull off a full look too, appearing here in hat, bustier, coat, and earrings from the MCM x Misa Hylton collab. Don’t miss the Y/Project shoes wrapped around her leg. Sure, her hat and coat fall off in the moment – but she’s a diva and remains unbothered. 

Rank: ***Flawless. She woke up like this… duh!


In a throwback moment, we see Beyoncé wearing a matching bra and leggings set in Burberry’s iconic check.

Rank: Crazy In Love. An oldie but a goodie.


Beyoncé to Balmain is like the check to Burberry – you never have one without the other. After enlisting designer Olivier Rousteing to create not one, but two, iconic wardrobes for her Coachella sets, the Balmain designer is back, making a matching rhinestoned neckerchief for B’s bejewelled leotard.

Rank: Déjà Vu. We’ve seen it before, but it still bangs TBH.


Mother has arrived. The Louvre is shaking. Mona Lisa is bald. Slaying in Versace, Versace, Versace, Queen B shows where she got her royal title from. Of course she was smiling at this point in the video, she’s smiling all the way to the bank as she collects your coins.

Rank: Apeshit. New school B, and the only reasonable reaction when you see Beyoncé in this look.