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craig green ss18 campaign dan tobin smith
Craig Green SS18 campaignPhotography Dan Tobin Smith

Craig Green sets his designs alight for new campaign

The SS18 images see the designer collaborate again with photographer Dan Tobin Smith and set designer David Curtis-Ring

Craig Green’s instantly recognisable and infinitely creative designs have ensured the steady growth of his label – not to mention the fact that, in addition to his own London-based line, he is also working on an ongoing collaboration with Moncler. Or that next season he will be heading to Florence to join the SS19 Pitti Uomo schedule.

While juggling all of that, the designer recently shot his SS18 campaign (yes, you read that right, SS18 – “We’re so famously late with everything,” he says) that debuts exclusively on Dazed. After his last campaign – that featured groups of models submerged in water to look like giant rafts – Green mused, “What are we gonna do next, set people on fire?” Actually, that’s exactly what he decided to do.

“Things can be beautiful once they change, or are destroyed” – Craig Green

Collaborating once again with photographer Dan Tobin Smith, set designer David Curtis-Ring, with styling from Dazed’s creative director Robbie Spencer, the images see giant recreations of the SS18 sculptures set ablaze. “I’ve always liked the idea that there’s something beautiful about looking at a fire – it’s hypnotising,” the designer explained.

In a painstaking process that took five people a week to make, each sculpture was recreated in giant form to represent a solitary figure. “Using the human body as a symbol,” he says. But far more complex, with Green citing t-shirts, bunk beds, stained glass windows, and an exercise machine as additional inspirations. “You can tell I go to the gym loads,” he jokes.  

After trying a variety of different burning techniques – including fireworks and slowly burning segments at a time – they decided to bite the bullet and burn the entire structures at once. “Things can be beautiful once they change, or are destroyed,” Green mused. “It’s the idea of not being precious about something; the same in a creative process where you just kind of rip everything up and just start again over and over. Nothing is ever really finished.”

As for the sculptures themselves? “In the skip”, Green laughs. “They smelled quite charred in the end and were completely unrecognisable.” He’s not hung up on it though and is already planning the AW18 campaign. Who knows how that will top this one.