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Edie Campbell calls out sexual assault in open letter

Addressing the fashion industry, the British model says it is time for us to reassess ‘diva behaviour’ and overlooking the abuse of male models

Thanks to Harvey Weinstein (who essentially started a domino effect) more and more people across different industries are coming forward with their experiences of sexual assault. More positively, it has led to those with allegations against them being rightfully ostracised – think: Terry Richardson being banned from working at Condé Nast and Netflix cutting ties with Kevin Spacey. The latest person to come forward is British model Edie Campbell.

In an open letter to the fashion industry shared this morning on WWD, the British model didn’t talk about her own experiences but brought to light ongoing issues that she feels aren’t addressed. She points out that while recent events have meant that people feel they can be more outspoken – helped by models like Cameron Russell creating an anonymous platform – male models and their experiences are often overlooked. She also mentions Richardson and how the conversation has been mainly focused on him when there are lots of other photographers accused of similar behaviour that are not mentioned or treated the same. 

Elsewhere in the letter, Campbell discussed the acceptance of “diva behaviour” in the industry and how it is often applauded rather than being called out. “This is a moment for us all to examine the behavior we have normalized,” the model said. “Fashion is a closed world, and fiercely self-protective. But it is time to reassess, and it is time to start regulating ourselves.”

We applaud you Edie for your courage to speak out about longstanding issues within the industry and hopefully it will prompt more conversation to bring about change.

Read the letter in full here.