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Dilara Findikoglu ss18 lfw london
Backstage at Dilara Findikoglu SS18Photography Lucie Rox

Drag star Violet Chachki on her Dilara Findikoglu LFW debut

The RuPaul’s Drag Race winner was enlisted to walk for the designer’s first runway show

Last night, Dilara Findikoglu presented her first runway presentation at LFW. Styled by Another Man’s fashion director Ellie Grace Cumming, it featured non-traditional models and some famous faces you might have recognised – like goth queen and tattoo artist Grace Neutral and rapper Brooke Candy. Also joining the show’s cast was RuPaul’s Drag Race season seven winner, Violet Chachki.

In case you didn’t see her on the show, Chachki was known for her fashion-inspired looks. While competing she referenced Dior’s ‘New Look’, 1940s S&M pin-ups and gave us life (while pretending to be dead) showing off her impressive 18-inch waist. As a huge fan of both Findikoglu’s work and fashion as a whole, Chachki was a natural fit for the show.

“Dilara’s clothes are very dramatic with a strong point of view,” the drag superstar told us. “They also retain a certain amount of dark glamour. All of these things are extremely important to me as a queen.” The theme of dark glamour was present in the collection – entitled “Seven Sisters of Inherited Sun” – with a colour scheme that was in Findikoglu’s signature black and red palette and featured Lily McMenamy as a red bride, complete with a pentagram drawn on her face.

As for Chachki’s look, she wore a tailored red velvet jacket embroidered with ribbons and lace paired with striped patchwork trousers. “During my multiple fittings I got to see her process, the madness in her studio and the amount of work that went into each piece,” shared Chachki. “I’m always drawn to pieces that are extremely tailored and hand-embellished.” 

Living for it. Violet honey, you look great in horns.