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We got an astrologer to read designers’ horoscopes

See what the future (might) hold for your fashion faves

Fashion week. It’s a stressful time for designers. Will Rihanna show up for her seat on the FROW? Will a model break her ankle in a dramatic high-heel mishap and go flying into the lap of Anna Wintour? Will the show be beloved or totally bomb? 

Really, in the face of so many questions, we imagine those working on their collections might find themselves wondering if a higher power has the answers. Or maybe it’s all written in the stars? We tapped astrologer Kade Walker to read the charts of some of our favourite designers, advising them on everything from what to watch out for, to the best outfit to wear on show day. So who should get naked and who needs to buy a house plant? Read on friends, read on.


Born 9 April 1963 in New York, USA. Aries Sun, Libra Moon

Forecast: Not to be shady Marc, but there’s no room for faking it today thanks to the movements of the Sun and Saturn on the day of the show. Your classic Aries life-and-soul-of-the-party-attitude will be complemented by the confidence that this planetary aspect brings you; every moment will feel essential. Our sartorial advice for you is to wear something that captures your true self, even if that feels frightening. Nakedness is to be encouraged, although you might get lost and catch a chill – so maybe save it for after the show. Don't be shy – some risks are worth taking.

The Marc Jacobs show will be held in New York on 13 September at 6PM EST.


Born 11 May 1971 in Halifax, England. Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon

Forecast: The day of the Burberry show invites a clarity of mind. With Mercury’s alignment with Mars, Christopher Bailey’s Moon in Sagittarius will be augmented by this planetary aspect, inspiring intellectual debate. But Christopher – don’t rush to any conclusions today, alright? Also, be frugal about making any major decisions. Mercury rules communication and Mars rules action, so this alignment could cause some overexcitement. You won’t want to subdue your Taurean sense of luxury in favour of intellect, but you shouldn’t anyway. Whether it’s big sleeves, wide-leg trousers or even an extravagant ruffle à la last season, wear something that takes up the space you deserve. 

The Burberry show will be held in London on 16 September.


Born 10 May 1949 in Milan, Italy. Taurus Sun, Libra Moon

Forecast: Healing will be the theme of the day for you, Miuccia Prada. With Venus’s alignment to Pluto, the ruler of love and the planet of power will be brought into conflict. As both your Sun and Moon signs are ruled by Venus, this particular planetary aspect could have a pretty strong influence on you. While this might seem easy to ignore, addressing it will prompt healing. Don’t let your Taurean stubbornness keep you from doing what needs to be done! For luck, channel your sun sign with soft textures or pastels. Or if not yourself, consider dressing your models in the same. 

The Prada show will be held in Milan on 21 September.


Born 2 May 1955 in Reggio di Calabria, Italy. Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon

Forecast: Donatella, the odds will be in your favour on the day of Versace show in Milan. Mercury and Pluto aligning will encourage mental clarity and greater understanding of the day ahead. And you will become rather persuasive as the Sun moves into Libra, ruler of relationships. If there’s anyone you’d like to ask for a favour, today’s the day to call it in. There will also be a pleasant surprise with the arrival of something new. While Tauruses usually love familiarity and comfort, this will be a welcome change. It could be a person, information or some kind of new connection. The conversations you have will lead to some profound revelations. Wear rich hues to complement the mood of day.

The Versace show will be held in Milan on 22 September.


Born 10 September 1933 in Hamburg, Germany. Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon

Forecast: Our first piece of advice for you, Karl Lagerfeld, is to go with the flow. Venus’s position to Pluto on the day of the Fendi show will make space for healing. The underlying tension may be a challenge to others, but it’ll be a breeze for you. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in your sign, your first show falls on a good day to be a Virgo. Karl, you’ll be on top form! By the time the Chanel show in Paris rolls around, Venus will have moved closer to Pluto. The more harmonious Venus to Pluto relation presents a good time to strengthen commits in love and friendship. On both days, we advise wearing a beloved accessory to give you strength and power – perhaps your favourite Choupette brooch? 

The Fendi show will be held in Milan on 21 September and the Chanel show will be held in Paris on 3 October.


Born 28 November 1960 in Gibraltar. Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon

Forecast: Be free, John Galliano! The day of the Margiela show will be marked by a need for personal freedom. Sagittarians are known as the free spirit of the zodiac, and that independence will get a boost with your ruling planet Jupiter in opposition to Uranus. A note to others: don’t make the mistake of being in the way of this Sagittarius’s path! It will be a good day for making progress towards your goals, but with a lack of restrictions might encourage you to act impulsively. For this reason, you might want to exercise some caution, but just a little bit. We’d advise wearing plum, but since freedom is the theme of the day, it’s all up to you! 

The Maison Margiela show will be held in Paris on September 27.


Born 11 October 1942 in Tokyo, Japan. Libra Sun, Libra Moon

Forecast: Rei Kawakubo, your Comme des Garçons show will take place in the time of love of freedom. Although a minor aspect, Venus’s relation to Jupiter suggests a quest to get free from restrictions. This aspect means there’s an opportunity for growth by unearthing a subtle tension, and with six planets in Venus-ruled Libra, you’re is especially susceptible to this influence. For that freedom fix, seek out some new thrills. You might be short of time, but it's a good day to ride that rollercoaster! Slow-moving Jupiter is also hanging out in Libra. Honour that planetary giant by wearing something expansive – maybe one of your own sculptural creations?

The Comme des Garçons show will be held in Paris on 30 September.


Born 25 March 1981 in Sukhumi, Georgia. Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon

Forecast: Demna Gvasalia, we encourage you to embark on new journey on the day of your Balenciaga show. Mars’s relation to Pluto will create a calm and balanced atmosphere, offering enough peace of mind for new pursuits. Order in one aspect will make room for innovation in another! With both planets in Earth signs, new endeavours will be granted an earthy stability. Demna – don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith today! You’ll land on your feet. Or should that be, your Balenciaga dad trainers.

The Balenciaga show will be held in Paris on 1 October.


Born 18 November 1961 in Porterville, CA, USA. Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon

Forecast: Keep it real. That pretty much sums up our advice for you, Rick Owens. Pluto, in Capricorn, will turn direct on the day of your show and will no longer move backwards. This movement might flare up some concerns about others’ perceptions of you, but your Aries Moon affords you a stronger ability to confront any anxieties that arise. You also have an opportunity to raise your own awareness about an issue, but let the tea cool before you take a sip! Your Scorpio realism will be extremely valuable today, but there’s value in the surreal, too. We’d tell you to wear something whimsical and green, but we’re not sure you’ve got anything of that description in your wardrobe. 

The Rick Owens show will be held in Paris on 28 September.


9 May 1971 in Comines, Nord-Pas de Calais, France. Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon

Forecast: Take heart, Nicolas Ghesquière! Venus’s alignment with Pluto will bring you closer to the ones you love. The evening of the Louis Vuitton show will be characterised by this heartwarming alignment. Afford yourself some of this affection – some me-time will boost your creativity. You’re strengthened too, by the fact that both planets are transiting your fellow Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. We know you’re busy, but consider buying a plant as a gift, for someone else or for yourself. As Taurus and Scorpio are sister signs, you exude an emotional intensity. Channel that energy into a new fascination. Wear a something that catches the light, close to your heart.

The Louis Vuitton show will be held in Paris on October 3.