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Unseen footage of 18-year-old Kate Moss on the beach

Last night, Calvin Klein revealed the footage to celebrate the launch of its new fragrance ‘Obsessed’ fragrance – a throwback to the 1993 ad

“She's magical.” Those are the words spoken about Kate Moss in Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance campaign video. The short clip consists of archive footage of her from the original Obsession ad in 1993 – shot by her boyfriend at the time, Mario Sorrenti. Reinvented and renamed, the newest fragrance Obsessed was launched last night.

The footage has surprisingly never surfaced before this week and sees a young Kate Moss as natural as the beach setting surrounding her, completely unguarded as she engages with the slowly moving camera. Last night’s launch event included the archival photos – constructing college-covered walls and being boldly hung like billboards throughout the venue with an appearance from the pair themselves. 

Unfortunately, the fragrance isn’t out until later this year, but it is safe to say we’re obsessed.

Watch the Obsessed campaign film below