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detox rupauls drag race vivienne westwood ss18 menswear
Detox at Vivienne Westwood SS18Photography Richard Young

Catching up with drag superstar Detox on the Westwood FROW

We talk fashion, tucking, and the latest Drag Race season

Detox. Yes, the process of ridding the body of toxic or unhealthy substances, but also a drag queen. One of the drag queens, in fact – full name Detox Icunt. She appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 5) and RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars (season 2), and is as known for her wicked sense of humour as she is for her silicone implants and immortal catchphrases like “I’ve had it, officially!” and “Sorry ‘bout it!”

Yesterday, Detox made an appearance at Vivienne Westwood’s SS18 runway show at London Fashion Week Men’s, where she perched on the front row alongside fellow (but not quite as fierce) stars including Ezra Miller and Alice Dellal. Titled We are Motherfucker, the show saw a stream of models and circus performers walk, dance and cartwheel down the runway, dressed in explosive tailoring and playing cards make-up. The show climaxed with the whole cast taking to the catwalk, with the godmother of punk herself perched on the shoulder of one particularly beefy circus man.

As the show finished, we grabbed Detox for a quick chat to find out what she thought about the show, what pieces she wants to buy and about her relationship with fashion. And yes, don’t worry, we also asked her who she thinks is going to win season 9 and what she thinks about Valentina’s elimination (we’re still shook too).

So tell us about the show Detox, how did you find it?

Detox: I’m obsessed. There’s so many pieces that I’m dying to get my hands on already.

Like what?

Detox: The huge backpack, the shoes, and I love all the deconstructed gowns on the men with the huge shoulders. That beautiful navy gown was stunning… Everything, it was really amazing. The knitwear was amazing – obsessed.

What did you think of the dance elements of the show?

Detox: I loved it! You never know what to expect with the Vivienne show. And I love that she came out riding on some motherfucker’s shoulders. And looking like a million dollars. I thought that was really fun and lighthearted because you don’t really see a lot of lighthearted shows anymore. Beautiful.

And what do you make of Vivienne as a designer?

Detox: I mean, what’s not to make of her? She’s classic. Classic punk, which I think is what I am.

Have you met her before?

Detox: I have, yes. I met her at the last show here, had some champs. 

“You never know what to expect with the Vivienne show. And I love that she came out riding on some motherfucker’s shoulders. And looking like a million dollars” – Detox

What was it like meeting her?

Detox: Bizarre, crazy. What does she call me again? ‘That gorgeous lady?’ (laughs) which I don’t know what she’s looking at, but… I’m pretty sure I gave the front row across from me a nice shot of my balls earlier because I didn’t tuck that well. But she’s amazing!

When you were Drag Race (and All Stars), the judges always said you were very fashionable. So can you talk about your relationship with fashion, how long have you loved clothes?

Detox: God, forever. A life changing moment for me was watching the Vogue Fashion Awards, I think it was like ’93 or ’94. There was a huge Thierry Mugler retrospective, and I was just blown away by it. I’ve been obsessed with fashion ever since. I’m a luxury whore. So being here is very exciting, and also about Drag Race – it’s the opportunity to do things like this, things that I’m so passionate about and love so much. I’m very lucky.

Can you tell us about your look today?

Detox: I’m wearing Westwood, of course! It was hand-painted and – oh you’re not filming any of this so can’t get a look of it can you? I look amazing – that’s all I can say. My flight was today and I got ready really quickly and rolled over here looking like a billion dollars.

And I also want to ask you about Drag Race – we’re nearing the final now, who’s your money on?

Detox: I don’t know, but I also know that there’s some kind of crazy stunts that were pulled at the finale, so it’ll be very interesting to see. I’ve been going on team Shea Couleé from the start because I love her. But honestly this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone took it. Because it’s such an amazing top four. So I’m very excited to see Peppermint as the first trans-woman contestant on there making it to the final four. It’s amazing. Sasha is such an artist when it comes to her interpretation of what drag is, and Trinity – you can’t get a more classic pageant girl. But she’s broken the mould when it comes to pageantry because she’s hilarious. She takes the piss out of herself and I really appreciate that. Plus we’re made of the same parts (laughs). 

And what do you make of Valentina’s elimination?

Detox: Erm… I mean, I wasn’t really shocked. If you’re gonna piss an opportunity like that away, it’s time for you to go. I mean I think she’s very beautiful and talented. But she wasn’t like my cup of tea for this season.

Got you. Thank you so much.

Detox: You’re welcome!