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Charles Jeffrey teases SS18 with pigs and wooden penises

Ahead of the British designer’s show later today, he releases a short film of what to expect

As a prelude to get your hearts racing before the show today, Charles Jeffrey has teamed up with his friend – visual artist Jenkin van Zyl – to create a short video on what you can expect. Not that it sheds much light, maybe creating more questions than answers. “Charles rang me on Monday and was like ‘hen can you make me a trailer’?,” van Zyl told us, “so I made the thing through a codeine-assisted haze in 48 hours after having my wisdom tooth removed.”

“If it was a Reddit horror fanfic it's three tags would be 1st-gay-experience, reluctant and dishwasher.” Still confused? From what we can gather the video provides the rules to join Jeffrey’s Loverboy – the name of his brand and popular club night. Take them as your new 10 Commandments of fashion, if you will. Among the rules are definitely some we can get behind: “No more paperwork” and “No Debbie downers”. There are also some that we hope go without saying – like “No soiled garments”.

The idea for the video came from the strict rules of entry that clubs (or “temples” as the artist calls them) have in place. “To gain access to notorious Leather bars like the Mineshaft, with their better than fiction lines like 'NO DISCO DRAG OR DRESSES’. J’adore.” In typical Loverboy fashion, all cardboard creations come courtesy of Gary Card. Who knows how much the video tells us about the collection? Maybe it will be pink – the paper mache mask wearing models are certainly wearing enough of it. Either way, you won’t have long to wait with the collection debuting at 3pm today.

Keep an eye on Dazed for backstage images and more from the show