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miaou gucci gang jeans paris campaign
Miaou ft. Gucci GangPhotography The Bardos

Watch the Gucci Gang and Travis Scott hang out in Paris

Dream combo

For those not in the know, Miaou is the emerging denim brand created by Alexia Elkaim to banish the myth that there is no such thing as the perfect pair of jeans. Picture mid-rise, straight leg denim with silver hardware belts that promise to hug you in all the right places, whatever your size or shape.

Perfect to prove this, Elkaim enlisted the Parisian cool girls we all wish we were mates with, the Gucci Gang, for a video campaign to show off the latest collection from the brand. Oh yeah, also Travis Scott.

“The Gucci Gang girls are great because they represent strength of mind, individuality and of course good style,” says Elkaim. “Angelina is hilarious and moody just like me. My cancer twin. Thaïs is a damn good time, Crystal is an observer of life, wise beyond her years, and Annabelle is the sweetest thing!” 

How did Scott get in on the action? When Miaou reached out to his team for permission to use one of his songs, the idea of a collaboration was born. Having already shot the girls the day prior, the whole thing was re-shot to include Travis. Luckily they got on well. “It was a great experience…He has a crazy personality,” GG member Thaïs shared about Scott, who shows off his juggling skills with a trio of oranges. Who knew? 

Paris was a no-brainer for the location, being the home to both Elkaim and the Gucci Gang. In the clip, the group makes its way through your standard weekend routine – you know, chilling on shop freezers wearing Louis Vuitton sunglasses, and grabbing a few beers before hitting a club and a laundromat in the same night.

But what did the gang get up to after the gallivanting? “Some of us went to a club nearby with him, but if I had to take him out I would probably take him to a cheap bar where I often go with my friends, not like all fancy places he must go to all the time,” said Angelina. Crystal agrees – she would have brought him to a house party in the 11th. “To be honest, I went home straight after this because I had exams the next day!” admits in Annabelle. A day in the life of Gucci Gang, guys. 

Watch the video below and head to the gallery above for images from the campaign.