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Rankin takes the piss out of fashion in new ‘mockumentary’

“Chairs are really in at the moment”

The fashion industry has a reputation that precedes itself. Thanks to The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty the upper echelons will always be imagined as airheads air kissing everyone (mwah mwah) and throwing coffee over poor, defenceless interns when they don’t get their own way.

Dazed co-founder Rankin wanted to get in on the joke with the release of a short film titled La Chaise Ironique where he plays a parody of himself on the set of a mock shoot for Hunger. Cue every bad fashion stereotype imaginable. The photographer, who wears his sunglasses indoors throughout, explains the idea behind the shoot, among a plethora of Chanel merch: a coffee cup, boomerang, tennis racquet and balls – even the saddle on a horse called Greg.

“I’ve only worked for Vogue a few times,” he casually remarks before throwing a tantrum when the model he wants is replaced without his knowledge. “I didn’t know who you were either,” she retorts. Aside from the lols the film shines a light on some of the issues within the industry, so take note. 

Watch the full film below