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Marseille je t’aimeCourtesy of Jacquemus

Your first look at the new Jacquemus exhibition

The French designer talks to Dazed about Marseille je t’aime – opening tomorrow

After announcing the exhibition earlier this year with a short film featuring a pile of models in his French fashions, we finally have a glimpse of what to expect from Marseille je t’aime, curated by Simon Porte Jacquemus.

Wanting to steer clear of traditional fashion exhibitions something the French designer was very specific about from the beginning, telling us: “I didn’t want to do an exhibition showing my clothes on bodies. The idea was to have different angles and perceptions of my universe: videos, photos and sculpture installations.” There will also be a special showing of his SS17 collection ‘Les Santons de Provence’ dedicated to his hometown; what better backdrop than a Marseille sunset?

As well as curating, Porte Jacquemus also created art, a new venture for him. “The sculpture installation was hard because it was my first attempt so I was not as comfortable and confident as I am shooting or something I am used it.” He didn’t let that stop him though, “I don’t know what the difference is between creating an image and art. If there is one?”

There is additionally a book filled to the brim with different collaborators Porte Jacquemus has always dreamed of working with, previewed exclusively above. “The book is full of poetry about Marseille and their interpretation of it,” he says. Matthew Cowan and Octavio Garabello are included among some of his highlights. His top highlight? “The casting. Some of the models were only 14 years old, it was so special and cute, and very fun.”

“Marseille je t’aime” will run at different times, with “Maison” and “Archives” taking place from May 12th to January 13th, 2018 in Marseille. May 14th will be the fashion show, reservations for which can be made through the designer’s website from 20th April. “Images,” for which the book is an accompaniment, will run from 13th May to 31st July.

Watch the preview film below: