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Jacquemus “Marseille je t’aime” Dazed

Jacquemus announces exhibition with a new film

The designer reveals that he’ll be taking over Marseille in a clip created with favourite collaborators Willi Dorner and David Luraschi – watch it here

The south of France has been an inspiration to many artists in the past, but it’s undeniable that the current poster boy of Provence has to be the designer Simon Porte Jacquemus. Though he’s taken Paris by storm, the native southerner constantly returns to the markers of his sun-drenched home – most literally in the radial straw boater hats and puffed white sleeves perfect for milking cows or carrying boughs of wheat from his SS17 Les Santons de Provence-inspired show. Now, he’s putting on an exhibition that will be a testament to this continual source of inspiration in Marseille (a city that he spent his youth in), announced yesterday via this video posted to his Instagram

Collaborating once more with performance artist Willi Dorner and photographer friend David Luraschi, the film reinterprets the label’s surreal pile up debuted for its AW16 campaign. This time though, the playfully twisted mass of bodies appears on a mountainside and the models are dressed in his most recent collection that paid homage to iconic couturier and childhood hero, Christian Lacroix. “The campaign of last winter was so special,” the designer says, “I was obsessed to do something again with them!” Never one to conform to expectations, the human sculpture felt like a more fitting representation of his work for Jacquemus: “the festival in Marseille is about my work (and) I think the sculpture was a nice approach to show my archives in a different way than on a stockman.”

The music and setting came from a film he’s a big fan of, La Gloire de Mon Père (The Glory of My Father) about a boy who spends a summer in Provence learning its secrets from a new friend he makes there. So far so perfect a fit for an introduction to the designer’s Provençal world of his collections. “It’s a very special movie that all French people know and recognise,” he notes, using it as the ultimate staging for his signature Jacquemus spin on what’s usually familiar. 

“I love Paris, and Paris was so good to me – but Provence is everything to me” – Simon Porte Jacquemus

On this aspect, he was clear from the outset. Approached by the OpenMyMed festival to show his work at the MuCEM museum, the designer finally agreed to this exhibition of his work on the condition that he could “show them in another approach, not just on dummy, but recreated from my archives and some of my very special pieces.” Divided into three different sections and with a fashion show open to the public, this curated experience will cross all kinds of media, from cement sculptures based on his work to a multimedia patchwork of projected images and videos presented under the simple heading, “Images.” 

Accompanying this will be a 300-page book demonstrating his love of images, already evident in his almost 6,000 post-strong Instagram feed. “I have files on my computer with all the art I love,” the designer admits, describing how he approached the various different collaborators who will appear in the book – including favourite of Vetements, Pierre-Ange Carlotti. Titled “Marseille, je t’aime,” together, these are Jacquemus’s love letters to the place that stays with him wherever he goes. “I love Paris, and Paris was so good to me – but Provence is everything to me,” the designer enthuses. “The energy is so special there – sun and smile. I’m a Provence boy forever, this is my home.”

The shows that make up “Marseille je t’aime” will run at different times, with “Maison” and “Archives” taking place from May 12th to January 14th, 2018 in Marseille. May 13th will be the fashion show, reservations for which can be made through the designer’s website from 20th April. “Images,” for which the book is an accompaniment, will run from 13th May to 31st July. Head here for more information.