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Some very fashionable aliens are now modelling for Gucci


From the Northern Soul inspired Pre-AW17 campaign that brought us back to the late 60s, Gucci is going space age – recruiting aliens rather than models for what looks like the AW17 campaign. That’s right, the Italian brand is branching out into the galaxy, and beyond. 

The screen-test style teasers – posted on Gucci’s Instagram account under the hashtag #gucciandbeyond – feature characters like Kerelanda Encanta from Xoph, and the 7000-year-old Xeod reciting lines in front of a green screen. Is it next ad campaign? Perhaps a full-length Gucci sci-fi movie? 

Naturally, the extraterrestrials are dressed in the fancy fashions from Gucci’s latest space age collection, which was debuted with a show held in a giant pyramid. The second skin crystal bodysuits from the collection have already been worn by Rihanna. Also, it isn't the first time Gucci has looked to the stars for inspiration, printing a UFO on a scarf for its collaboration last year with GucciGhost

It’s another lighthearted campaign for the fashion brand – who recently released a series of memes to promote a new watch collection. Little else is known about the teasers, and what they are actually for, but watch this space (lol get it). The answers are out there...somewhere.