Watch: Cara Delevingne on becoming a cartoon

An exclusive look BTS at the model’s skateboarding short film for Chanel

Fresh after its release, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Cara Delevingne’s brand new short film for Chanel, celebrating the equally brand new Gabrielle bag.

After watching the clip yesterday – in which Cara gets transformed into a colourful cartoon, skateboarding around with Gabrielles in tow – you might have thought the entire thing came from the drawing board. In actual fact, there was more to it than that. First, artist ShiShi Yamazaki drew up a storyboard, then, a live-action video was filmed with the model herself, and finally, after the footage was finished, Yamazaki painstakingly illustrated each frame by hand. Every painted shot was compiled and edited into the final product. From start to end, the short one-minute film took an entire month to make.

Thankfully, the result was more than worth it – it was described by Delevingne as “one of (her) most interesting shoots” of all time, which is pretty high praise from the girl who’s shot with every major photographer out there. Of course, after starring in films like Paper Towns and Suicide Squad, the model and actress was the perfect fit to take on the role of the Parisian bag loving skater girl.

Appearing in multiple campaigns and shows for the house, Delevingne is of course no stranger to Chanel. “I like any time I spend with Karl...he has always made me feel so comfortable and always puts a smile on my face,” she shared about creative director Karl Lagerfeld. And as for what she keeps in her own Gabrielle bag? “I carry so much in my bag because I’m always moving around. Two phones, socks, scripts, tissues, lip gloss.” Just in case you were curious (or, like us, totally nosy). 

Stay tuned for more short films from Chanel’s Gabrielle bag series, featuring Pharrell and Caroline de Maigret, and check out the pictures from Chanel’s most recent show below.