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Converse “Forever Chuck” Dazed
Converse “Forever Chuck”Photography Bafic

Watch a mini-series on the Chuck Taylor as a fashion staple

Winnie Harlow, Rejjie Snow, and the Gucci Gang star in a new film we’re premiering exploring the influence of the iconic sneakers

Chuck Taylors – we all have a pair. Whether they’re your everyday go-to or waiting to be rediscovered in your wardrobe, this iconic shoe has definitely had a place in most people’s personal style history – as well fashion as a whole. Now, a new film from Converse shows just how much Chucks still resonate today. 

Directed by past Dazed 100er Karim Huu Do, the episode is presented by model and activist Winnie Harlow, and features talents like rapper Rejjie Snow, the Parisian teens who make up the Gucci Gang, Jeremie from Paris fashion collective Études Studio, the founder of legendary store Colette Sarah Andelman, alongside London group Last Night in Paris. There’s even a cameo from Dazed Digital’s fashion features editor, Emma Hope Allwood

Talking about what the Chuck means to them, each person can’t help but also tell the wider story of the shoe’s influence. In a section titled “Thrift Shop Finds to Haute Couture” the Gucci Gang girls discuss its vintage appeal with Winnie, while in “Chucks on the Runway” Jeremie describes how it captured the energy of his last collection – hence why he sent pairs down the catwalk. Finally, “Chucks in Culture” sees how influencers like Snow continually return to the sneaker. To echo our editor, it’s something that has resonated (and will continue to) for years to come, finding fans in a myriad of different style tribes and subcultures.

The appeal comes from the fact that Chuck Taylors pretty much go with everything. As Harlow says, “I like that when I wear Chucks, I don’t feel like I have to be trying to make a statement... I feel like myself when I’m wearing them.” This low-key way of dressing is also central to Snow’s aesthetic. Asked what he likes to wear on stage, he says he likes to keep it “super minimal, like just t-shirt jeans, maybe one chain?” – you know, the kind of outfit that goes well with a pair of Converse. 

Part of a series called Forever Chuck which explores the lasting relevance of the beloved silhouette, this film is the third and final episode. For the first installment, Converse tapped another Dazed favourite, winter issue cover star Millie Bobby Brown, who explored their appearances in cult 80s films, from The Breakfast Club to Back to the Future. Part 2 saw Cali-born rapper Vince Staples take to the streets of LA to explore the shoes’ hip-hop influence, hitting up Born X Raised founder Spanto and basketball player Jordan Clarkson for their take.

As MBB says, “You see a character in Chucks, you know they’re doing their own thing” – a sentiment echoed here by the south London art collective Last Night in Paris, who say it’s all about being confident in your style. “It’s a journey innit?” One best done in a pair of Chucks. 

Watch the film below and go here to get your own pair.