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Blondey McCoy Palace Skateboards adidas 2016 advert

Watch Palace’s new spoof sportswear ad

The brand drops a new tongue-in-cheek video showcasing its latest collaboration with adidas

When it comes to ads, Palace Skateboards is pretty much unrivalled right now. First there was the Reebok one, in which Jonah Hill gave an ironic celebrity endorsement of the brand’s new trainers – “They’ve got these dope new sneakers that they’ve made in collaboration with some sportswear company called Reebok,” he said, pronouncing said sportswear company’s name wrong. Then came its adidas one in which a guy that looked astonishingly like DJ Steves from People Just Do Nothing spelled out an acronym of Palace, where ‘L’ stood for ‘Libido-enhancement.

Today, the brand has dropped its latest ad starring its long-time ambassador Blondey McCoy. Mimicking a traditional sportswear commercial, the video features Blondey going for a run in the new Palace x adidas velour tracksuit and trainers (which come with a “jumbo portion of torsion”), interspersed with Planet Earth-esque shots of wildlife. “What are we?” asks the voiceover, to the dulcet sound of Allegri’s Misereri. “Where are we going? When we get there, will there be WiFi?” Once again, Palace has succeeded in making us laugh, and making us want to buy some new trainers. 

Watch the ad below: