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Watch Palace’s hilarious new parody ad

The London skate brand debuts an advert for its new collaboration with adidas – see it here

What did Palace founder Lev Tanju say about the brand’s last advert starring Jonah Hill? “We just wanted to make something really stupid.” They succeeded and it was probably the funniest ad of the year.

Now, Palace have done it again – this morning they dropped the ad for its new collaboration with adidas which hilariously parodies traditional sportswear adverts. 

The film, which can be watched below, features a German squash player saying what the skatewear label means to him. In fact, he spells out an acronym that features “Libido-enhancement”, “Accurate-Sewing” and “Coolness”.

Side note: a lot of people are saying that the squash player is DJ Steves from People Just Do Nothing but Kurupt FM DJ has already taken to Twitter to deny the claim. Shame.

Watch the advert below: